Google My Business – What It’s Used for and Why It Matters


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Google My Business – What It’s Used for and Why It Matters

If you aren’t already well acquainted with Google My Business, it’s time – it’s been time for the past couple of years! Google My Business (GMB) is an advanced form of an online directory, offered by Google and totally free for businesses to use. It’s an easy way to verify your business online, and the platforms has notable benefits for all local SEO endeavors. Here is the guide to why you need to sign up today and make sure your profile is complete!

First: GMB Results Do Show Up in SERPs

Google tends to place its own content with priority: When someone searches for a business or a business-related topic, any Google My Business profile will appear at the top of the search engine results page, clearly defined.

This matters for several reasons. First, these types of business results typically show up on the first results page, in clear boxes that attract immediate attention. In other words, they are going to be the first thing that most searchers see, which makes it far more likely that your profile will get clicks. If you can get a GMB result to show up in an organic search, it’s bound to produce some results.

Second, Google My Business results are usually paired with other data, including – and this is particularly important for local results – your location on Google Maps. This makes it very easy for searchers to click on your location and make plans or give you a call, something that shouldn’t be underestimated in our mobile-first world where so many people will be making these searches from their phones.

Additionally, keep in mind that Google My Business provides not only information about your business, but also reviews and ratings from customers. This information will be used by searchers to make up their minds about which business to settle with, so noting those reviews, encouraging them, and acting quickly on negative reviews are all important.

Setup Google My Business Like A Pro

There’s Proof It Has a Big Impact

The average business on GMB shows up in a bit over 1,000 searches per month, with more than 80% of these searches coming from “discovery” where people are searching out the right business for them without knowing much beforehand. Around 5% of views result in some completed call to action, including a website click or a call to the company. These are strong results, especially for a service that’s entirely free and easy to maintain!

Local SEO Content Fits Perfectly

Google My Business is made for local SEO content. In fact, we highly suggest that you put in all the local information about your business that you can when completing your profile. Put yourself in the mind of a new lead and think about the kind of information that they would want to see when making fast decisions about local companies.

Your contact information is a must, including your phone number, email, and website link, and clearly placed. Google’s automated features are good at identifying a lot of contact info, but it’s still important to be as accurate as you can. It’s also a very good idea to include information on the hours that your business is open, and an information-rich description of what your business offers. Some companies may also find it’s a good idea to mention a price range, or how quickly the business responds to questions.

Google My Business Is Great for Visual Content

Google My Business allows you to upload many different photos, and this is an excellent idea. Visual content attracts more attention online, and is a key factor in people making their minds up about which business option they like most. Research shows that local businesses have an average of 11 photos posted on GMB.

As for subject matter, there are plenty of options. A picture of your storefront, and one of the inside (especially if your business includes seating or similar space factors) are some of the most important. Businesses may also want to post photos that feature their menus, favorite dishes, featured products, parking lots, and meeting rooms, depending on how applicable this content is.

Other Sites Will Use This Information

Google is so trusted that several directories, business suggestion apps, and other tools will pull data straight from Google My Business. Having a complete profile can extend your reach through services others may be using, even if they don’t pay much attention to GMB itself.

There’s Strong Analytics, Too

This shouldn’t be a surprise, but GMB also offers excellent analytics for examining just how much of a difference the service makes to your company. Google allows you to examine important data like:

  • Where people came from: Did they come from organic searches, another directory, or someplace else?
  • What devices they are on: Are people generally finding your business on mobile, or on desktop?
  • What photos they are looking at: You can see which photos people are viewing, which gives you a good idea what exactly searchers are interested in.

Using this information, you can then start to optimize social media and other platforms with what is working well on your GMB profile.

Let Blue Atlas Help

Google My Business and Local SEO can be intimidating. At Blue Atlas, we’re experts at putting you on the map. Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to help walk you through the benefits of using only directories, such as GMB.

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