5 Tips To Market Your New App

You might have the best mobile app in the world, but you will not benefit from it unless you market it. The app market is crowded with great apps coming out every day and you have to be ingenious in marketing your new app to see success. Follow these 5 tips and market your app to success in this competitive market.


1) Create a Landing Page

To start consider developing a landing page for your new mobile app. The landing page should include an image of the device, basic details about the functionalities of the app, links to your social media profile/s, and branding that is relevant to your app. Landing pages function as an app’s headquarters. They are great because they can be built while the app is in its development stage, meaning people will have sufficient time to familiarize themselves with the app, and allow you to create hype about your new app.

2) Get Involved with the Community

Look into communities such as Dribbble, Ember, and Forrst that are built to share sneak peeks in the world of mobile apps. This allows your app to get the attention of leaders in the field who can help promote it. Most people in these communities are also potential users and are an excellent market to begin your targeting with. It also gives you a great place to get quality feedback pertaining to your app. This feedback is free of charge and will help you during your product development stage. This is a great way to generate interest in your app and to begin creating demand for your app.

3) Build On Your Success

If you currently have a successful website, look into building upon this success and promote your app. If you have a high traffic website, you should attract visitors, who come in through mobile devices, to use your app instead. If you have already created a successful app, you can do cross-promotion for the new one to get current users over to your new app. Using your previous success gives you a great starting base of users to target and credentials in your developments.

4) Share Your App With Everyone

Build your app for sharing through social media; this is the only realistic way of creating a viral app. Share information about your app through all of your social media profiles. This helps you grab the attention of millions of possible users by allowing people to share information about your app and pushing it to anyone they think might enjoy it. Social media gives your marketing a linking effect that isn’t possible by any other marketing tactic. Utilize this and get your app seen by the right market of users.

5) Make It Unique!

Lastly make sure your app is unique. Do not copy what is currently available in the market. Being unique means being the first developer in a particular product/service category and reinventing an existing category with something truly unique. In mobile app development there are two ways to see success: create a highly entertaining and useful app. If you are able to establish a high quality for users within these two aspects you will see the success with your mobile app development

Get creative and start thinking up the next million dollar app. Determine what people want, need or just plain entertains them. Keeping these concepts in mind will gear you to that great mobile app idea. Along with adding these helpful marketing tips you can be on your way to creating the next big thing in mobile apps.



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