ADA refers to the Americans with Disabilities Act, which covers regulations for making certain services more easily accessible to those with disabilities. This covers a variety of business services and purchasing capabilities – including your website, thanks to an update made to the ADA in 2010.

Website ADA compliance is not only a requirement for many websites, it’s also an opportunity: ADA-compliant websites are not only available to a broader range of customers, they are also easier to navigate and understand for all users. With ADA implementation, you can decrease your bounce rates, increase lead conversion, and much more. Blue Atlas can help your brand ensure ADA compliance throughout your website.

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What Kind of Businesses Need ADA-Compliant Websites?

The ADA specifies that businesses under the Title I category must meet ADA standards and make accommodations for people with disabilities. Title I refers to businesses that operate 20 or more weeks per year, with at least 15 full-time employees. The type of industry and the type of product or service that a business sells to does not affect ADA compliance.

The second category for compliance is Title III, which affects public accommodations. This refers to services that are deemed particularly important for the public, including hotels and banks. It also covers important public services that may be managed via contracts with local governments, such as public transportation websites. If your business falls under any of the Title I or Title III categories, then ADA compliance is a necessity.

Can Blue Atlas Provide Me with an ADA Website?

We help websites of all sizes and functionality meet compliance and accessibility standards.

Our web accessibility solution meets the four main guidelines for compliance:

ADA Title III Compliance
Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1
Section 508 Compliance
EN301549 Compliance

How Do We Make Your Website Compliant?

Blue Atlas focuses on the main pillars combined from the WCAG Guidelines and Accessibility Requirements to ensure easier access to all.

We focus on making your website: Perceivable, Operable, Understandable, and Robust (POUR).

Easier Navigation

ADA compliance helps make websites easy for everyone to navigate. That means visitors are more likely to find what they need, and less likely to leave because of confusing menus or unfamiliar layouts. This can help improve conversion rates and make it easier for users to find the products they are looking for or contact the business for more information.

Less Risk

If your business falls under Title I or Title III, then failing to meet ADA requirements could lead to large financial consequences. There is the risk of fines for noncomplying websites, which can vary by state but may rise as high as $50,000. Additionally, users may be able to successfully sue your business if ADA compliance is lacking.

Better Product Information

An advantage of optimizing a website for goals like being “understandable” and having better navigation is that it can make product searches and information much clearer. Users can find what they are looking for faster and identify the right products for them more easily without getting confused. This is advantageous for businesses with in-depth product pages or product catalogs.

Mobile Optimization

By meeting ADA compliance, according to the recommendations of the WCAG, a business is also optimizing their site for mobile use, especially when it comes to properly formatted images and text. This often makes sites more user-friendly for all mobile devices and leads to better mobile conversion results.

Better Search Presence

Common steps for ADA compliance include adding alt text to images, updating videos with transcripts, and similar steps that are also excellent for SEO optimization. This makes your site easier to analyze by search engines and improves your on-page search engine optimization. If one of your goals is improving your ranking in search results, ADA compliance can help your business accomplish it.

Helpful Updates

Has it been a while since your website was updated? It could be struggling with older code, slow loading times, and a design that’s fallen behind the times. Accessibility optimization is a great path toward updating the website as a whole, ensuring that it loads faster, uses the latest design techniques, and helps give you an edge over competitors.

More About Our Accessibility Solution

After making design and structure adjustments to your website, we bring in AI-powered
technology to help fill the gaps for new content and other complicated coding that may not be as
easy to adjust.

Web Interface for All

Developed to be easy-to-use, our accessibility interface allows a user to manually change the visual appearance of your website according to their individual need or disability. This does not change the appearance of your website for other visitors.

Users can choose a disability profile like “Seizure Safe” or “Visually Impaired” and our interface will make all the necessary adjustments to the appearance of your website.

Users can also adjust specific elements on the webpage such as fonts, color contrasts, and animations as an alternative or in addition to a selected disability profile.

Automatic Adjustments for Assistive Technology

Our backend program incorporates machine-learning technology to make the complex adjustments required to support screen readers and keyboard navigational tools. Manual updates make many of these changes, but our technology completes the transition for assistive software and equipment.

Our AI system analyzes your website and matches elements and behavior to millions of past encounters, to learn from context what elements do and their purpose on a webpage.

Then all the necessary code adjustments are made to inform screen-readers what is on the page and the purpose of every element.

What Makes Blue Atlas Different?

Your Marketing Partner

We look at every client relationship as a partnership. We want you to be as successful as possible, and we know digital marketing and lead generation is part of that process. We aren’t just a vendor providing services. We are a partner that looks at the overall picture, considers your goals, and ensures your online marketing supports them and your sales system.

Adjustment Capabilities

We can not only audit your website, but we can also perform the manual adjustments and changes necessary to ensure a better compliant website before using our advanced scripting technology to complete our accessibility solution. Many accessibility companies just tell you the problems, we also fix them.

Rigorous Auditing

ADA optimization begins with thorough auditing. Blue Atlas uses advanced auditing tools that automatically scan through your website and quickly identify the most important accessibility updates. This allows us to deliver accessible websites and make manual adjustments to continually improve compliance.

Communication and Organization

Our digital project managers serve as contact points with your business so you always know exactly how a project is progressing. You can contact us at any time with specific questions while also receiving consistent updates as we meet or exceed deadlines and finish the project according to your timetable.

WCAG Mastery

Our development team is well-versed in following WCAG and understanding its language. That means you don’t need to worry about IT training or finding a specialist that knows what WCAG requires – we have you covered down to the smallest details.

Training and Preparation

We won’t just hand you a new website without any training. One of our goals is to provide the knowledge and resources necessary to help maintain your website and continue to update it over time. Your team will be provided the tools to make sure any new content is implemented correctly, and we’ll always be available for additional consultations if you have other large changes in mind.

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