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We create beautiful, highly-functional websites that convert traffic to leads. Ready to improve your web presence? We are here to help!

A Website is Your Digital Face

Your website is the core of your online presence. It is the only entity you fully own, and it is the hub of awareness and conversion. We establish well-designed, highly converting websites that support your sales process and create leads.

We build award-winning websites with functionality ranging from simple conversions to complex transactions and database applications. Ultimately, we create the best online presence possible to bring in leads and grow your business.

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What Makes Our Websites Different?

You Can Manage Your Website

We utilize a content management system (CMS), typically WordPress, so you can manage your website once we launch. We are always here to help, but you shouldn’t be tied down to a developer to make changes to your website.

Accessible On All Devices

Websites should be usable and functional across all devices from desktops to mobile phones. We ensure that all functionality and design is responsive and displays in a user-friendly way. No one wants to zoom and scroll to use a website on their phone!

Built for Speed

Website loading speed is a big deal for ranking in the search engines and for your visitors. We build your website as lean as possible with minimal plugins, so it loads fast and helps your rankings, not hurt them.

Built to Generate Leads

Your website should focus on converting website traffic to leads and grow your business. We help you structure your website pages and layouts to drive visitors to a call-to-action and become a lead instead of just an acting as an online brochure.

Built for the Future

We want to launch your website prepared for your future growth and future trends. We use the most up-to-date techniques and components to ensure you stay ahead of the technological curve of website development.

ADA Compliance Integration

Websites have ADA compliance requirements just like your business’ physical location. We help you navigate contrast and display concerns, color palettes, technical requirements, and accessibility complexities to ensure your website works for all users, no matter how they access it and use it.

What Makes Blue Atlas Different?

A Marketing Partner

We look at every client relationship as a partnership. We want you to be as successful as possible, and we know the website is part of that process. We aren’t just a vendor building a website. We are a partner that looks at the overall picture, considers your goals, and ensures the website supports them and your sales system.

Certified Digital Project Managers

The project manager can make your break your project, and we have certified digital project managers who serve as your liaison and support system throughout the process. We stay on strict timelines, meet or exceed deadlines, and maintain consistent and precise communications, so the project runs as smooth as possible with little burden on you

Technical Expertise

Our team is well-versed with the technical knowledge to integrate complex APIs, build unique responsive design, and construct the proper website for your needs. Our whole team is part of the development process, and we the in-house staff that carries the project from start to finish while integrating with your business’ technical requirements.

Website Training

Many agencies build your website, launch it, and then send you on your way. Blue Atlas provides training videos and resources to ensure you know how to use your website and keep it up to date. We want you to be able to use your website and grow it as your business grows.

Marketing Experience

With over 120 years of combined marketing experience, our team has helped many types of companies in a wide variety of industries launch successful websites that work as part of the marketing system. We understand the concept of sales cycles and the part your website plays in helping guide prospects from traffic to lead.

Consultative Approach

As your marketing partner, we take a consultative approach to every project. You know your business better than anyone, and we won’t try to tell you we know better. We listen to your thoughts and direction while providing recommendations and suggestions based on our experience to ensure we are supporting your goals for your website and your business!

Web Design Estimate

AMOCO FCU Responsive Site Example
"Blue Atlas has always been a pleasure to work with. AMOCO’s Marketing Team is very lean, and Blue Atlas is like an extension of AMOCO. Not only do they provide the digital resources we need, but they provide training, expert advice, and suggestions to better our digital presence. There is nothing that they can’t do! The whole team goes above and beyond to help."
Jerica McClain
Culture & Communications Manager, AMOCO Federal Credit Union
Texas Gulf Coast Consortium of Community Colleges
"From the beginning of this process, I can’t say enough how helpful Lauren and Nate Stockard at Blue Atlas were throughout. The website redesign was complete in record time – from a RFP proposal in March to a new website launch in August – and it met all of the key elements that we had outlined in our plan. This was no easy accomplishment in itself considering the consortium has nine member colleges and each of us has a different opinion, especially with something as subjective as a new web design."
Jed T. Young
Chair, Marketing and PR Committee, Texas Gulf Coast Community Colleges Consortium
ACE - AC Repair Website
"We have been using Blue Atlas for 6 plus years, These guys are good at what they do. I feel like we are in good hands. Trust them completely with our marketing online, They drive traffic to our phones and our website (which they just redesigned and is great). Thanks for all y’all do!"
Doug Smith
President, American Comfort Experts
City of Bunker Hill Texas
"The City hired Blue Atlas Marketing to completely rework our website. We wanted it to be more than just place to find telephone numbers and email addresses. Our new website is now the primary contact point for our citizens, contractors and other interested parties. In today’s communication environment, we needed to be able to get information available to the public as quickly as possible and in a clear, attractive format. Blue Atlas provided a great service and continues to work with us to constantly improve our service to our public."
Steve Smith
Director of Public Works/Building Official, City of Bunker Hill Village
Time Rewind
"Although Time Rewind is all about history, we didn't want a website that looked ancient. Blue Atlas gave our site a contemporary design, expanded functionality and the perfect environment for capturing pivotal moments from the past with an eCommerce component connecting today's consumers to it. The Blue Atlas team combined our vision with what was realistic from a design standpoint, and the result is fantastic!"
David Mendel
Time Rewind
Florida Beach Advertising - Website Portfolio
"Nate and Lauren were amazing! It has been a pleasure to work hand in hand with them throughout my project. It's nice when you feel like someone cares about your project as much as you do. Highly recommend this team. Thanks again for everything"
Dave DuVernay
Owner and Founder, Florida Beach Advertising

Award Winning Agency

Blue Atlas Recognitions and Awards include Horizon Interactive Awards, Expertise, SEMfirms, and Global Business Insight Awards

Blue Atlas Difference

Blue Atlas’ team of designers, programmers, strategists, content writers, and marketers who produce amazing results! Our experience includes driving business, converting leads, and ultimately growing businesses. We are more than design and development; we are a true web marketing firm that excels in combining the technical aspects with business-driving goals! 

Blue Atlas Marketing is unique, because we are your marketing partner – not just a vendor. Your success is our success and we focus on delivering results.

We work with your team to build strategies that work for you and your clients. We implement tactics that complement your process and strategy while offering expert insight and support. Together, we grow your business and revenue, one client at a time!


Most frequent questions and answers

Web design, in our opinion, is the creation of your website’s design and programming it to bring it to life. There are many design firms that just provide design services and hand it off to you or a company like us to program it.

There are also some companies that just program and leave off the design portion of it. We provide a full-service solution starting with the goals and concept of your new website through design and then to programming. We also help with marketing once the website is launched!

The total cost of your website design project is ultimately determined by the amount of functionality and number of pages. As the size of the website grows, so does the time it takes to create layouts and program the website. As additional functionality is required, more time is necessary to program it right.

Our web design calculator shows estimate cost, and you can use it to see what different options affect the total cost of your website project.

Our certified digital project manager, strategy manager, and programming manager work together to guide your website project through each phase taking in your edits and feedback and ensuring the project stays on track.

We start with discovery and planning then begin the design phase. We work on content creation and information architecture from the beginning so it happens parallel to the construction of the website.

After design of the home page and sub-page styles are finalized, programming begins. You are provided updates on progress, so you can give feedback and revisions throughout the whole process.

As programming continues, content gets loaded and functionality starts to come together. Once programming ends, all content and additional materials should be done as well.

We then move into a testing phase to ensure your website works on all devices, functions as expected, and accomplishes the goals of your website project.

Finally, we prepare the website for its hosting location and launch. After launch, we continue to test and adjust to ensure a 100% successful launch!

We feel a website isn’t ready to launch until it is responsive. Your website should work on desktop computers along with mobile devices like ipads, tablets, and phones. We build all of our websites responsively, and go through a rigorous testing process to ensure your website displays as correct as possible from one device to the next.

Your website will be created with a content management system (CMS) that allows you to manage and update your website easily. We typically use the WordPress CMS system, because many people are familiar with it and it allows for robust customizations while still allowing you to manage your website.

We build websites with WordPress to run as fast as possible with security in mind as well. We know how to build a lean website that loads quickly while still giving you all of the functionality you need.

We recommend you host on a server or with a company that gives you a fair amount of control over your hosting account. Many popular solutions like Godaddy hosting don’t offer as much control and require coordination with their support through chat or phone call.

We provide a full-service hosting solution that includes website hosting, website uptime monitoring, daily and weekly website backups, and website maintenance.

No matter where you choose to host, you want a hosting provider that has a fast server, quick support, and options for adjusting security settings as necessary.

Our digital project manager coordinates constant communication throughout the project on a daily and weekly basis. We have built in feedback and revisions into the phases of our process, so we will let you know when you need to review.

If you have additional feedback and revision requests throughout the project, you can always reach out to your project manager via email, phone, or text. Share your changes, and the project manager will coordinate the changes with the development team.

Once we move into the launch phase, we begin creating training documents and videos to ensure you can use and update your website.

The training materials we provide will go over basic edits and managing any custom functionality your website contains.

We also provide on-going support for our hosted clients and help you learn more about day-to-day management of your website as needed.

All websites should be updated and maintained to prevent any security breaches and hacking attempts. Websites built with a content management system (CMS) require on-going updates to the core system and any plugins used on the website.

We provide a full-service website hosting and maintenance plan that includes vulnerability scans and updating along with regularly scheduled updates and maintenance throughout the year.

If you choose another hosting solution, we can still provide maintenance support through a non-hosted service plan.

Although you can ignore regular maintenance and updates, we recommend you keep your website up-to-date to prevent any unwanted security breaches.

We offer a full-service hosting and maintenance plan that gives you complete peace of mind and security for your website. Our plan includes website hosting, website uptime monitoring, daily and weekly backups, and regular scheduled maintenance along with website management support. We really take care of it all with our full-service plans.

Most of our clients utilize our ongoing service, so they have a partner with their website.

Along with hosting services, we also offer full-service digital marketing services to help extend the website and create a complete online lead generation system. 

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