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Digital marketing is the most cost-effective and efficient methods of marketing. We utilize a collection of marketing channels and techniques to drive quality traffic to your website and business while converting qualified leads and growing your sales pipeline.

We implement digital marketing activities including search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, content marketing, search engine ads, website optimization, and email marketing to support your current sales process and feed leads to your sales team. We focus on systematic processes that increase ROI with accountability and results!


Discover the Strategy that can Drive Leads and Convert Leads – Growing Your Business Value and Revenue

Our Digital Marketing System

We combine multiple marketing channels and your website to create a comprehensive and highly-efficient digital marketing strategy to drive traffic, create leads, and convert business. We use the following to make your marketing successful:


Your web and digital marketing strategy starts with a highly-converting website that supports your sales process while creating leads for your sales efforts.

Blue Atlas’ in-house technical and design team builds aesthetically-pleasing websites with a focus on conversion while incorporating complex technical requirements and functionality. Big or small, simple or complex, Blue Atlas is your website partner, who will establish a solid core for your digital marketing strategy. If you have a great website already, we help ensure it converts traffic and supports your sales funnel.


A good website is built to rank in the search engines, but you must continue building credibility through inbound links off of your website to see real results.

Blue Atlas utilizes professional, white-hat techniques to rank your website higher in the search engines and capitalize on the right search traffic.

Through organic SEO (Search engine optimization) and expertly-managed Pay-Per-Click (PPC or Google Ads) Ad campaigns, we capture the right traffic looking for your product or service and drive them to your highly-converting website!


With an SEO and PPC campaign targeting traffic searching for your product or service, we look to social media for organic and paid opportunities. Social media provides an avenue to interrupt potential customers and start them down the sales funnel with awareness and lead generation campaigns.

Organic posts keep you top of mind with existing connections, and ad campaigns allows us to create new connections and generate new lead sources.


Email marketing is still one of the highest converting digital avenues. We incorporate an automated and calculated email marketing approach to your digital marketing strategy that allows us to nurture existing prospects, engage existing customers, and increase business.

We utilize manual and automated platforms to drive traffic back into the sales process and help support the sales team.


A proper digital marketing strategy brings search engines, social media, email, and website together, but content is the piece that holds the strategy together. We help create a combination of resourceful articles, informative white papers, and authoritative webinars to establish you and your company as a thought leader.

This combination of content is used throughout the rest of the strategy to drive brand awareness and leads through the website and into your sales team.


We integrate your existing CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system to ensure your marketing results online are feeding into your sales pipeline properly. Through API integrations, custom programming, and any other technical needs, we connect your website and marketing activities to your CRM and create lead information and interactions they have with your business online.

Our job is to drive traffic and create leads, and your sales team needs these leads feed into their system to close prospects and drive business. We want to connect the dots from traffic to new customer.


A Marketing Partner

We look at every client relationship as a partnership. We want you to be as successful as possible, and we know digital marketing and lead generation is part of that process. We aren’t just a vendor providing services. We are a partner that looks at the overall picture, considers your goals, and ensures your online marketing supports them and your sales system.

Technical Expertise

Our team is well-versed with the technical knowledge to integrate complex APIs, build complicated ad campaigns, and optimize your assets for better ROI. Our whole team is part of the marketing process, and we have the in-house staff that carries your marketing strategy from start to finish while integrating with your business’ technical requirements.

Marketing Experience

With over 120 years of combined marketing experience, our team has helped many types of companies in a wide variety of industries launch successful digital marketing plans that work as part of the marketing system. We understand the concept of sales cycles and the part your website and online marketing plays in helping guide prospects from traffic to lead to customer.

Certified Digital Project Managers

The project manager can make your break your project and relationship with an agency, and we have certified digital project managers who serve as your liaison and support system throughout the process. We stay on strict timelines, meet or exceed deadlines, and maintain consistent and precise communications, so your marketing strategy runs as smooth as possible with little burden on you.

Simplistic Approach

Many experts will talk about a complicated systems and processes, but we focus on a well-rounded simplistic approach. We use the search engines to capture leads from people actively seeking for your business, social media to interrupt those not as far through the sales cycle, and email and content to reinforce your marketing and maintain relationships. There are still many details and intricacies to what we do, but we don’t overly complicate your strategy.

Consultative Approach

As your marketing partner, we take a consultative approach to every client relationship. You know your business better than anyone, and we won’t try to tell you we know better. We listen to your thoughts and direction while providing recommendations and suggestions based on our experience to ensure we are supporting your goals for your website, marketing, and your business!

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Blue Atlas’ team of designers, programmers, strategists, content writers, and marketers who produce amazing results! Our experience includes driving business, converting leads, and ultimately growing businesses. We are more than design and development; we are a true web marketing firm that excels in combining the technical aspects with business-driving goals!

Blue Atlas Marketing is unique, because we are your marketing partner – not just a vendor. Your success is our success and we focus on delivering results.

We work with your team to build strategies that work for you and your clients. We implement tactics that complement your process and strategy while offering expert insight and support. Together, we grow your business and revenue, one client at a time!


Blue Atlas - Recognitions and Awards for Digital Marketing
Blue Atlas - Recognitions and Awards for Digital Marketing


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