Social Media Presence

Social Media Presence

Your Social Media Presence Shouldn’t Be About Popstars

(Unless that is your business!!!)


We joke about the unique things that we see on our clients’ social media pages and profiles as the cartoon above illustrates, but you would be surprised what we come across. And it doesn’t involve just poorly-related content, but other mistakes such as spammy posts, shameless sales pitches, and other content that drives no interaction, except for an Unlike button or removal of your relationship!

So, I don’t think we need to dive too much further into why Justin Bieber and Rhianna shouldn’t be headlining your Facebook page. Moving on, let’s take a quick look at what you should consider when thinking about content.

How does your brand sound?

If your brand was a person, what kind of accent would they have? How would they talk? What type of personality? Once again, Justin Bieber isn’t going to come up in a conversation of senior citizens, so it shouldn’t show up on your Facebook if you market to that demographic. Be consistent with your other marketing material in wording, topics, etc.

Know your audience

Who follows you/likes you/listens to you? What do they care about, and why do they want to hear from you? Too many times we see pages where blasts of useless information that have no social connection. Provide content that your audience cares about, while developing relationships with personal responses and/or at least something that says you are talking to me, not at me!

Solve problems, give advice

In determining what type of content you are going to provide, think about solving problems or giving advice. We see posts upon posts of the features of a company’s products / services, but who needs marketing copy while reading Facebook? If I have an issue, and I see information from your page about solving that issue, now I am interested in what you have to say!

Have a personality

Look at your friend’s Facebook timeline, and don’t look at a friend who just posts marketing messages on their personal profile. Look at someone who is really just social on Facebook. See how they talk about things they are doing, family events, thoughts, feelings, etc.? Your business needs to have a similar feel; otherwise you will have no personality. Now, I am not saying you should tell everyone about your feelings about the color blue, but let some “real” content come through. Work party? Post pictures or cool stories. New furniture? Give a story about a client sitting on it for the first time. Be creative, but have a personality!


In the end, Blue Atlas is also here to help keep Beiber Fever from exploding on your Facebook page and helping you develop an actual social media strategy. Let us know if we can help. Either way, connect with us on Facebook and Twitter and let us know where we can find you!

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