How to Create Successful Lead Generation Strategies

lead generation strategies
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Do you need help getting more people leads? If so, check out this guide (and 10 tips for funnel leads) on how to create successful lead generation strategies that will help your company thrive.

A whopping 63% of marketers claim that generating traffic and leads is their top challenge nowadays. Proper lead generation strategies are what all B2B marketers are striving for.

The more generated leads, the more customers, which leads to more sales, more revenue, and eventually a massive growth for your company.

But with all this emerging new technology and algorithms changing almost every week, it can get hard to stay on top of the latest lead generation strategies. Learning how to continue to generate leads as the modern world changes around us is a challenge, but not impossible when you know the right lead strategies.

So how do you convert visitors to buyers? How do you grab enough interest to build long-term relationships and customer loyalty?

We have all those answers below, keep reading for the ultimate guide to the best lead generation strategies so you can convert those sales today!

What Is a Lead Generation Strategy?

Lead generation focuses on attracting people to your business through unique ways such as channels or “funnels”. The process involves attracting prospects and visitors. Then converting them into a customer who has a natural interest in your product or service.

After they show interest, you warm up those potential customers and propel them to the path of eventually purchasing. Sounds simple, but it is also quite technical without a solid plan.

With the boom of the internet, information has now gone from being hard to find to an over-abundance of information slapping you in the face everywhere you go. Because of all this overloading of information, we are now dealing with a lack of attention and interest.

Buyers are getting overwhelmed and running for the hills, avoiding anyone who is shoving information down their throats. The trick now is to become a trusted advisor by creating valuable content, thought leadership, and establish a relationship with your potential buyers.

Email Marketing

The fact that there are 3.8 billion email users in the world right now, tells you enough about how vital email marketing is to your business. The trick is to create segmented and targeted emails with specific details to attract your customer’s attention and make them feel valued.

First off, on the landing page, you want to retrieve information from visitors in exchange for valuable content. Typically this is some sort of short course or tips that will answer questions that they need. Then by capturing their information on the landing page, you now have their name and interests to use for further emails.

Let’s say you have customers that want to lose weight, if you have a “click here for 10 steps to lose weight quickly” button, then you know you will have gained their organic interest.

The cool thing is that you can have multiple landing pages for multiple campaigns. Put the money and focus on the campaigns that mean the most to you, and you will watch them grow.

Social Media Marketing

First off, you need to decide which social media platform(s) will be the best for your business, then stick to those platforms and put everything into them.

Facebook currently has 2.19 billion users, making it still the largest social network in the world right now, we suggest using this as your source of engagement. A little bit of money can go a very long way with Facebook, as they have numerous built-in advertising management tools, easy to read metrics, and very targeted ads.

Instagram is quickly climbing the charts in with over 800 million users today. With influencers and an easy way of engaging via hashtags, Instagram is becoming a very easy platform to convert sales.

With over 1.57 billion usersYoutube is a leading social media platform for creating compelling, engaging, and relatable content. Nothing draws in people more than the feeling of connection, and videos will do just that.

Keep in mind that with social media, all of your posts have to be strategically designed to lead to a sale. Every post should have a call to action. Each should be relatable to your brand, and include the three P’s of marketing; presence, prospect, and personality.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the lead strategy king. It is a way to raise brand awareness by displaying yourself as a thought leader in your field. This is also a great way to implement links, including CTA’s (call to actions) and your landing pages.

This includes content such as research articles, blogs, vlogs, and fun infographics. The key is to strategize the distribution of your blogs, using social media, shares, and a well thought out editorial calendar.

Here’s a fun infographic about Lead Scoring! Once you use some of the lead generation strategies we’ve shared with you in this article you’ll have a database of leads that need prioritizing. By designating points for various lead types you’re setting yourself up for success by ranking the best leads with a higher number. Those are the ones you should contact first!

lead scoring model infographic

If you have a promotion or product coming up down the pipeline, make sure you strategically post your blogs in relation to your upcoming event.

Search Engine Optimization

We said above that content marketing is the lead strategy king, but it is also no good if no one can find you on Google! Using proper SEO will enable a prospective customer to find your blog.

In order to do this, you need to do your keyword research, have well-written meta tags, titles, and consider using PPC (Pay-per-click) advertising. PPC’s are an excellent way of locating buyers who would have an interest in your brand.

Be sure to also optimize your site for mobile traffic, as 60% of searches are now done on a mobile device.

Create Your Lead Generation Strategies Today!

The most important and vital part of your sales success is taking action. Don’t get analysis paralysis and worry about the little details, as this is all about trial and error, testing out new systems and seeing which works for you.

We at Blue Atlas Marketing focus on creating industry experts, converting leads and ultimately growing businesses. We can help you with everything from web design to sales funnels, ensuring your business reaches its full potential.

If you want to skyrocket your website, take a glimpse at our Website Redesign services we offer! We would love to help.

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