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A Website is the first impression for your business. Potential customers look on your website to find more information about your business and services you offer. What happens when your website is down and your potential customers can’t see any of your information?

They choose another company whose website is up and all the information is available. In a customer’s mind if you can’t keep up with your website what makes them think you can keep up with them and be a good service provider. By having a backup and monitoring service on your website you can avoid these problems.

The Monitoring Service simply checks your website every 5 minutes to make sure it is up and running! If your site does happen to go down, we will be notified and will have your site up within minutes in most cases!

The Backup Service, well the job is in the name! All of your files will be backed up on a server periodically depending on your needs. If your website does happen to go down, with a click of a button we can upload the most recent backed up file on to your website, making your information available for your customers to see.

The Backup and Monitoring and Backup Services work as a tag team to make sure your website is ALWAYS running effectively!

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