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Use our Website Wizard to audit and analyze your site and find out what’s keeping you from driving in more business!

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In seconds, you will know if your website is helping or hurting your chances to close more business deals. Run the FREE SCAN now and get a clear, actionable list of recommendations that help you prioritize six areas of your website to improve. The scan evaluates your site for:

  • SEO – Is your content helping you rank high enough? Do you have enough content? Do you have broken links on your site?
  • Usability – Can users have a good website experience on any device? Make the most of your prospective audiences and reduce bounce rates (which can indirectly affect your search engine rankings).
  • Performance – How fast does your web site load? What’s slowing it down?
  • Social – Do you have a good social media presence? Are visitors sharing your content?
  • Security – Is your site up-to-date? Do you have and SSL enabled?
  • Recommendations – Get our tips to improve how search engines and customers find and use your website.

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What’s in the Report?

Each report covers six crucial areas within your website and provides details and analyses that help you decide what improvements your site needs. See how search engines and users see your website and ranking, while learning what to improve! Your report includes a report card about your website, the specific areas evaluated, and what changes you need to make to improve your site.

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Once you’ve made the improvements, watch your website climb the ranks in Google and Bing!

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