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The 10 Commandments of Using Pinterest in Business

The popular Pinterest site has more than 17 million users pinning content to virtual pinboards. Businesses would benefit from a presence on Pinterest, especially those with the use of some creative marketing.

There are some must-know actions you need to take in order to leverage Pinterest’s massive potential for referring customers to your business. Let’s call them the 10 Commandments of Pinterest.


10 commandments of using pinterest for business

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  1. This Pinterest infographic is great. I am launching a new travel website that will chronicle a year of globe trotting starting in April. It’s monetization is dependent upon eyes on the pages, so I have to leave no traffic source stone unturned. I know I need to use Pinterest but did not get around to even opening an account yet. That I will fix now I realize there are 17 million Pinterest users I could potentially be reaching. Thanks

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