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Get the Ultimate Website Redesign Kit

The Ultimate Kit for Website Redesign Planning And Savings Up to 25% on Project Costs

Follow Our 5 Exercises to Plan For a Website Redesign

Build a Customer Avatar

Determine your ideal client and target your marketing

Establish The Purpose of Your Website

Connect Business Goals and determine how to support your team

Establish Metric Benchmarks

See how your website performs now and where you want it to be

Determine Key Functionality

Map out major functions and differentiating features of your website

Map Pages/URLs

Establish a plan to retain your current search engine rankings

Download the Website Redesign Kit!

Get the Complete Kit Now and Start Planning!

Download the Website Redesign Kit!

Get the Complete Kit Now and Start Planning!


One of the Most Robust Planning Kits

Get Access To Pro-Level Planning Documents

Overview Guide

Learn how to maximize each document and plan for your redesign better

Website Marketing Purpose Worksheet

Develop goals that connect to your business plans and determine how your site will help your people

Key Functionality Plan Worksheet

Plan new features and functions for your website that will set you apart from your competition

Customer Avatar Worksheet

Create the perfect client profile and understand who you really need to target

Current Metric Benchmarks Worksheet

Establish a baseline of performance and chart how your new site will improve

Page/URL Mapping Worksheet

Chart existing pages that already have high search engine rankings and retain after the new website launch


Do you have any questions? We’ve got answers.

Why Do I Need to Plan for A Redesign?

Building a website is a lot like building a house. Without blueprints and plan, your house can become a disaster. Without plans, goals, and baselines, your new website project could turn out less than expected and producing unwanted results.

How Will This Kit Help Me Plan?

The collection of planning documents in this kit will help you gather key information that will help build a strong foundation for your website redesign project. By building a strong plan, you make it possible for your development team to save time, which saves you money.

What Does This Kit Cost?

Nothing. It is free to download and use with no strings attached. We hope that you work with Blue Atlas for your redesign project, but we want to help clients be better prepared for a website redesign and achieve strong results from a website redesign.

Do I Need to Know Web Design To Use This Kit?

Absolutely not. Each worksheet is simple and easy to use. The purpose of this kit is to give you simple tools that help you build a complex and successful website redesign plan. With an actual plan for your new website, everyone understands what success looks like and how to achieve it!

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