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7 Types of Customers/Clients/Fans

Having social media accounts, whether on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest… is not only a matter of seeing what the world is up to or having as many connections as possible. Your social media platforms should be a place that allows you to build social relationships with those connections. Your business does not have just one standard customer/client type, but rather a multitude. Each of your clients has different needs and will provide different feedbacks. One of the things you can do to build relationships is interact with your connections; make sure you listen to their feedbacks, keep the conversation going and have personalized gestures towards your customers/clients.

Check out this infographic to see the different types of customers out there and what your behavior should be toward them!



So don’t forget that behind social media accounts, there are people! Make sure to value the social part of social media and create long-lasting relationships.

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