Benefits of Video Marketing That Your Business Can’t Ignore

You’ve seen countless video marketing campaigns, but do you employ them yourself? If you don’t, you’re really missing out. Videos are powerful in this day and age, especially for marketing. Whether people see a marketing video while scrolling through social media or watch one as an ad on YouTube, they will likely remember the video’s content.

Radio ads and marketing graphics are fine and dandy, but you can do much more with a video. Show emotion, products in action, and true-to-life scenarios, and evoke just about any emotion you want. We have everything you need to know about video marketing!

Benefits of video marketing

Still not convinced? Keep reading to learn ten benefits of video marketing you don’t want to miss out on.

1. Better Results Tracking

As a business owner spending money on marketing, you’d like to know how well your efforts are paying off, right? You can track your likes or blog article views, but that doesn’t tell you how much time a viewer invested.

With video, that’s different. Thanks to the viewing metrics a social-hosted video offers, you can track how long someone was engaged with your marketing content.

Did the viewer watch the entire video or stop halfway through? Thanks to the ability to track both full and partial views, you’ll know that.

2. More Authentic Interaction

Videos have a dimension that can’t be found in flat image marketing. While an image can be powerful, a video sucks you in. You feel more part of the story when watching a video.

Engage potential customers by letting them see something play out, instead of presenting them with a single image. This will provide a more authentic, life-like experience.

3. Boosted Sales

Video is especially powerful for businesses selling items. How-to and information videos go a long way.

For example, someone looking at a stroller may look through photos to see how easily it collapses. A video will show them exactly how it does.

Shoppers appreciate more information, so give it to them in a video. Show them exactly what they’re missing out on and why they need it.

4. Greater Trust

Videos help current and future customers get to know your company. As they do, they’ll come to trust you more.

Let them see the people who work there. Let them see the processes for creating the content and/or products they love.

The more transparent your business is, the more comfortable your customers will be.

5. Shared Testimonials

Customers love reviews, so don’t forget to share them in videos and words. Customer testimonials are a great way to gain trust and interest in your business and products.

Consumers like to know they’re getting the best bang for their buck. They also like to go with the best company for whatever service they’re looking for.

Add some authentic, genuine customer testimonials to your marketing videos to gain the trust you’re looking for.

6. Easier Engagement

Video helps you get and keep your customers engaged. Why? Because watching or listening to a video isn’t the same as reading a 1000-word article.

Videos provide a combination of visuals and spoken information. Other sound effects and even the music used can play a role too.

Pull customers in by telling and showing them a story. They’ll likely stop to see what happens next, whether they mean to or not.

7. Better Search Engine Placement

The more time customers spend on your website, the better your site’s chances of being pulled up in a Google search. Since videos engage customers for longer periods of time, they help with this.

To give your site an even better leg up, use SEO tools in your video marketing. Optimize your videos with a quality description, proper title, and associated links about your business. Don’t forget to link back to other areas of your website!

Your video title and description are very important for users searching for what they want in a Google search, YouTube, or Facebook.

8. Keeping Up

There’s no doubt about it, companies everywhere use video marketing. That reason alone should convince you to use it.

Stay in the game and keep up with your competition through video marketing. Chances are, if you don’t have a video, someone else is catching your audience’s attention.

9. Expanded Marketing Venues

Videos offer you a way to market in areas where you can’t with regular ads and the written word.

YouTube, for example, doesn’t include non-video advertising before and during their videos. Due to the immense viewer audience, advertising on YouTube is worth your efforts.

Marketing videos are versatile. They can be used where written word and graphics are used and in other places. Don’t miss an opportunity to share your business’ offerings because you don’t use videos in your marketing strategy.

Experience the Benefits of Video Marketing Today

Videos are powerful. They can either make or break a marketing campaign. If done right, they can grow your customer base and business.

Don’t let yourself get left behind by avoiding video marketing. You’ll still get business from other forms of marketing, but the benefits of video marketing are too great to ignore.

Video marketing doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. To learn more about why to jump-start your video marketing, read more about video marketing here. If it feels intimidating, contact us for help.

We’re here to help make your video marketing plan a success. Check our digital marketing services to see what we can do for you today.

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