5 Steps To Video Production

If you are to have a successful video marketing campaign, it is important that you understand creating a video is much more than buying a camera, shooting, doing some editing, and posting it. For a video to be effective, it’s important to understand the basics to video production; if you are unaware of where to begin, do your research or even look at hiring a firm to create it for you. Here we will break down the basics for creating a video in 5 easy steps. Use these steps as a base and build upon them in creating your new online videos.


Step 1: The Set Up

The first step to quickly creating a video for your website is to prepare for the recording. Determine what it is that you are going to need for production such as cameras, lights, microphones, location, actors, etc. Once you have determined what is required for your video production, the next decision is where you will acquire such equipment. You can buy or rent equipment, or hire a company to help you with your video production. Here at Blue Atlas, we have the equipment for a successful video production and the team to help with the behind the scenes of video production, such as developing a script.

Step 2: Develop a Script

What will my video be about? What is the goal of my video? Who is my target audience? One of the most important steps in video production is determing the answers to these questions. The script should not be too simplistic that your audience does not learn what your product/service is about, but it also cannot be too complex as to confuse the audience. You need to know how to get your message accross to your audience with both an informative and entertaining video. You want to center the script on the goals of your video and what is going to grab the attention of the viewer. Keeping these features in mind will help you build a proper script for your video. If you struggle with this stage of the video process, consider having a professional help. An enticing script is the underlying success of video marketing.

Step 3: Shoot It

The first thing during this part is to make sure you have everything set up properly such as your lighting, sound and camera positions. In the script process, you will want to determine how what sort of footage you want to capture, such as closeups, rolling footage, and diffent camera angles. Be sure to take multiple takes of your scenes to capture exactly what you need and give yourself options during the editing process. Also, use multiple cameras to shoot the same scene. This not only provides multiple options during the editing process, but makes it more interesting for the viewers. Ever watched a video that uses the same shot throughout most or all of the video? How long did you keep watching?

Step 4: Get Creative and Edit

The editing portion is where most of the work is done because this is where you put everything together. Editing allows you to make your video enjoyable to watch. Using the different scenes and shots you have recorded, you can make your video dynamic. Good video editing software can provide you with many options for transistions and additional features, such as titles, music, animations, etc. that you weren’t able to do while shooting. Spend a good amount of time during this portion of your video production and make sure it comes out the way you need it to benefit you and your audience.

Step 5: Share It

The final step to finishing up your video production is to promote it. If you are putting all this effort into development of a video and are spending the money to make a quality video, you must put just as much effort to promote it. To start, upload your video to your preferred video sharing website such as YouTube or Vimeo. Once you have your video on one or multiple video sharing sites, embed it into to your website; this gives your audience another medium to learn about your business, AND another way for the search engines and your audience to find you! With the use of your social media, blog, email, etc., you can further promote your video. Share your video across multiple sites and even include a link to view the video on your website. If people click on the link to view the video, you want them to be driven to your website to view the video. This is a great way to get them to watch your video, visit your website, and view all of your other valuable content.


Now that you know the basic process to creating a video, use this in your own production and build upon it to truly make a great video marketing strategy for your business. The most important thing in creating your videos is to make it entertaining for the viewer to watch while helping achieve a marketing objective set by you at the same time. If you are able to hit both of these points in your video production you will be more successful in your marketing strategy and will be on your way to driving more leads to your business.



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