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Problems We Solve

See how we might have a solution to your problem.

Blue Atlas hit the mark. We've had nothing but compliments about how great the website looks and how it functions, as well. We highly recommend their work!

Jed Young, tgccc
Problems Solved
450 +
Websites Built
0 +
Years of Business
500 +
Marketing campaigns launched
10000 +
Keywords ranked

The Most Common Client Needs

Marketing Agency

You design great websites, but your in-house team isn’t as technical.


People need to find your product/solution. We help you rank in search engines.


You’re not booking enough rooms (year-round). We help get you more booking leads.

Restaurant / Bar

You need more patrons. Blue Atlas can grow your reach and traffic with digital marketing.

Energy Equity

Your website, branding, and deck needs refreshing. We can help update your website and branding.


In order to grow, you need more traffic and orders. We can expand your reach and leads.


Can’t reach enough businesses? We establish you as an expert and drive more leads.

Gym / Fitness

You need to rise above the competition. We can build a sleek website that converts.


You need to stay top of mind. We put you in front of clients and prospects from every direction.

Community College

You need more enrollment. We utilize multiple channels to get more prospective students to admissions.

Membership Group

You need automation and technology to manage your members. We can build the backend.

Online Business

You could sell and engage more with a mobile app. We can build an Apple and Android app.

Consumer Business

Your collateral, posters, and designs need a professional look. Our design team can help with a refresh.


Prospects are viewing your website for more information. We help convert them to customers faster.


Growing supporters and fundraising is always a priority. We can help with unique digital solutions.