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Complete Manual Human-Tested ADA And Accessibility Website Audit

If you want to make your website ADA compliant and accessible for all users, you need a manual audit of your complete website.

Automated tools can find 50% of possible issues, but a human tester using assistive technologies can find all issues that prevent you from achieving ADA compliance and complete accessibility!

Why a Manual Human-Tested Website Audit ?

There are many tools that perform automated, computer-based audits of a single page. These audits, just like our initial free scan, are a great place to start and will give you the large, high-level issues that should be fixed immediately.

However, proper ADA Compliance and website accessibility is based on 50+ factors that require a further in-depth manual scan from a human, in order to really test for all accessibility issues your website may pose.

Reasons You Need a Full, Manual Audit:

  • ADA Compliance requires fixing elements a computer (automated audit) can’t find on its own
  • Automated scans check for code, not visual and non-visual elements computers can’t see
  • Assistive technology tools use your website in a different way than a normal browser
  • Compliance and accessibility are based on 50+ factors in the WCAG 2.1 guidelines, which require humans to audit
  • You have been served with a potential lawsuit and need to remediate now
  • Your website has never addressed ADA and accessibility and you are covered in Title III of the ADA

How A Manual Accessibility & ADA Compliance Audit Works

1) First, we gather a repository of all website URLs and page layout types. This ensure we don’t miss any pages that may not be part of the main navigation such as blogs or lower-level detail pages not linked in the main navigation.

2) We test each page with a series of 7 tests that identify issues that fail compliance and accessibility guidelines:

  • Screen Readers
  • Keyboard Navigation
  • Browser Zooms
  • Technical Structure
  • Color Contrasts
  • Comparable Contrasts
  • Text Spacing

3) These tests focus on success factors that satisfy WCAG 2.0 and 2.1 and Level A and AA. By testing to this level, we identify anything that has been specified in court cases and guidelines to be an accessible or compliance requirement.

4) The report generated contains a wealth of information to help you and your development remediate the issues and reproduce in order to understand the reason for failing the guideline factor. Your report will contain the following for each issue:

  • Severity of the issue
  • The specific WCAG guideline failed (i.e. 1.3.1 Info & Relationship)
  • Environment tested
  • User affected (i.e. Visually Impaired, Motor Impaired)
  • Page Name
  • Summary of Issue
  • Steps to Reproduce the Issue
  • Actual Result and Expected Result
  • Additional Observations or Instances Issue May Apply
  • How it Impacts The Specific User
  • A Screenshot or Screencast of the Issue
  • Development Recommendation to Correct The Issue

5) Report is delivered to you with additional resources needed to understand each guideline issue and further information helpful for your development team to remediate.

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Manual Audit of All Website Pages
Get specific action items for fixing your website’s accessibility
Testing with NVDA and JAWS Screen readers
Utilize human keyboard input and recording of results
Additional testing including: color contrasts, text space, browser zoom, and more

The manual audit provides an extensive report with all WCAG factors tested, issues that failed the guideline specifications, steps to reproduce the error, and what should have happened to pass the specification.

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Why Blue Atlas?

Blue Atlas has over 120 years of combined development and marketing experience in helping organizations reach more users and establish a better online experience. Our in-house development teams understand the interworking components of websites along with ADA Compliance and Accessibility Requirements.

Looking for a true Compliance Partner? It’s Blue Atlas!

  • Fluent in the complete WCAG 2.1 A, AA, and AAA Documentation
  • Trained By Expert-Level Organizations Like WebAIM
  • Custom-Coding Experts Capable of Complete Compliance and Accessibility Remediation


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