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How We Do It

Blue Atlas has years of experience helping our clients get more traffic, convert more leads, and close more business. We have learned that the best way to achieve optimal results is through multiple avenues working together.

Success with Continued Analysis

We have developed an efficient, programmatic system starting with the initial analysis through on-going management. We do the heavy lifting while keeping you in the loop and in charge of decisions.

Because we view our clients as partners, we are like your complete marketing department down the hall from your office, just without all the bloated salaries and HR!

Explore The Right Package For Your Business!

Combining Tactics

To be successful online, you need a combination of tactics that work together to create a full web presence. Too many times, companies try to pursue only 1-2 tactics and fall short, because the following all work together and require each other to succeed:


Marketing Hub


Your web and digital marketing strategy starts with a highly-converting website that supports your sales process while creating leads for your sales efforts.


Prospect Net


Capitalize on the right search traffic with organic SEO and expertly-managed PPC ad campaigns


Prospect Engagement


Connect with with existing followers through organic posts, and create new connections and generate new lead sources with ad campaigns


Prospect Nurturing


Nurture existing prospects, engage existing customers, and increase business


Authoritative Resources


Create a combination of resourceful articles, informative white papers, and authoritative webinars to establish you and your company as a thought leader.


Every good marketer knows you must have a strategy and plan to follow. We start with establishing key metrics, analyzing your current situation, and getting your presence ready to drive leads.

We start with an extensive setup that includes:


With a good foundation in place, we begin rolling out marketing campaigns. We focus on getting campaigns started, gathering data quickly, and making frequent adjustments in order to achieve our desired results in lead generation and conversions.

The first 90 days focus on the following:


After 3 months of data, adjustments, and analysis, we have a well-oiled machine running that generates traffic and leads, while converting those leads into business. We continue to refine each campaign and content element to get better results and adding on new implementations that build off of existing successes.

On-Going activities include:

Bringing it all together

We bring all the elements of your website, SEO, social media, content, and emails together starting with a strong setup and continuing through constant monitoring, adjusting, and testing.

Marketing Analytics

Comprehensive Marketing Programs

We offer two options based on the reach your business needs. For businesses focusing on a local area like a specific city or metropolitan area, the Local Marketing Program is right for you.

For businesses that target customers across the country, you need a wider search presence and larger brand reach. The National Marketing Program will put in front of prospects nationwide.

Full-Service Digital Marketing for Local Businesses

Reach potential customers in your local area with a targeted, localized presence and drive in new business!

Full-Service Digital Marketing for National Businesses

Get in front of the right prospect anywhere in the country with a national presence and create new leads!

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