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  • A Brief Introduction to Engagement Marketing A Brief Introduction to Engagement Marketing

    Engagement Marketing is a different and trending way of approaching the public and building a successful brand. In this article you will be able to notice the differences and understand the concepts used in this kind of marketing techniques. In order to succeed when branding and advertising through engagement marketing you must realize that the relationship between the client and the seller is a close one in which the client has a big impact on the evolution of the brand. Engagement marketing is actively involving the consumers to develop a connection with the brand.

  • 10 Surprising Facts About Social Media 10 Surprising Facts About Social Media

    Social media is a key element of your web marketing strategy. Thanks to Facebook, Twitter or Google +, you are able promote your products or services. But it is also the best way to put a face on your brand and to interact directly with your customers. Social media is not something you should underestimate. Below are 10 surprising statistics and facts that you may not know about Social Media:

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