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Planning for Website Accessibility

Accessible websites ensure all users can use your website, no matter their disability or device.

While planning a website redevelopment, the topic of website accessibility should always be considered.

While its easier to design and build from the ground up with accessibility in the forefront, an existing website can also be edited to comply with accessibility standards.

Get a summary of many of the guidelines for consideration when working on a redevelopment project or even an existing website
Address issues during the design phase before ever going into development and testing phases.
Use the checklist to cover many of the essentials of website accessibility included in WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines).
Get tips to improve your website accessibility AND on-page optimization for search engines
From descriptive alt text to choosing accessible fonts, get the checklist with the top 10+ items to check during development of a new site, or even an existing website.
website accessibility checklist

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