6 Tips For Mastering Effective Email Marketing

6 Tips For Mastering Effective Email Marketing

6 Tips For Mastering Effective Email Marketing

Most people have the idea that email marketing is dead and that it isn’t important as other digital marketing tactics. Boy are they wrong! According to Oberlo, in 2019 global email users reached 3.9 million users and in 2023 that number is predicted to reach 4.3 billion users. That’s 4.3 billion users your business has potential on reaching. Email marketing is still alive and thriving today, and we are here to give you some tips on mastering every aspect of successful email marketing.

Build Your Subscriber List

Whether you are just starting out with the use of email marketing, or are just looking to up the amp, the first step is building the names on your subscriber list. Even if you already have a solid list of subscribers you should always be adding on new emails.

Gaining new subscribers is quite easy. This could be done by installing a “sign up” option on your website’s homepage, any relevant blogs, and even sprinkle it into social media posts or on some of your pages social media pages. If your company likes to stick to traditional methods, gaining subscribers can also be done through in person sign up’s at conferences and other meetings.

You can’t increase your email marketing reach without consistently gaining new subscribers!

Encourage Readers to Reply

The email you are sending out serves a purpose and that can range from business to business. This may be having your subscribers signing up for an upcoming event or having them come into your restaurant during the slow time of the day. Whatever the reason may be, you’re going to need your readers to reply or take action within the email besides just opening it.

How do we do that? Well, we have a few tips for you to encourage your subscribers to reply to your email:

  • Interesting Subject Line
  • Personalized and Distinctive Voice
  • Targeted Content

The subject line should speak to the reader directly and promise them something that is going to stand out from all of the other emails in their inbox. Having a personalized and distinctive voice is quite important because if you lack in this area your email could end up in the trash bin. Always make sure your email sounds like it comes from an actual person who cares and not an automated robot. Lastly, I believe is one of the most important tips and that is to make sure your content is targeted to whoever your audience is. If you have a few different demographics that you are reaching out to segment your email lists so your message can resonate with each demographic needs and interests. This will make them more likely to open, respond and engage with you and your business.

Make Sure Your Emails Look Clean and Crisp

This may seem quite obvious to some people, but for others their emails might seem a little cluttered and disorganized. You want to make your email is easy to read and allows readers to understand the purpose of the email.

How do you achieve a clean and crisp email? To begin, use short paragraphs that contain keywords and phrases relevant to your message you want the readers to understand. When readers see long text in emails, they are more likely to just scan over or not even read the email. Next, use bullet points to help people scan over the text and locate important points. Lastly, use your creative side and throw in some pictures. However, be careful and use them sparingly. You don’t want your images to overpower the written content and message in your email.

Include Links and Calls to Action

As we mentioned earlier, we want our readers to reply or take whatever action we place within our email. However, to accomplish this vital task we need two things links and calls to action, also known as CTA’s.

The aim of most email marketing campaigns is to increase traffic to a business’s website, or specific page like an event page or booking page. Your readers won’t be able to access either if they aren’t provided with a link or CTA telling them to “Book Here” or “Read More”. Make sure your links or CTA’s stand out from the rest of your text. This often includes highlighting, visually striking red buttons, or bold text.

The more you make your CTA or links stand out, the more likely your readers will be enticed to interact with the specific request.

Test Test and Test Again

As a rule, to live by in the world of Digital Marketing, never send anything without making sure it works properly. Double – check that your messages look the way you want them, that your photos show up correctly, and that your email is mobile friendly.

If you use an app or website to send it out mass emails, they often have a preview and test option to view the email before sending the final version out to your subscribers. If not, that it okay too! Simply send the test email to your employee’s email addresses. If you want to be even more safe you will ideally send and view them on a variety of platforms like Outlook, Gmail and Yahoo before finalizing your draft. Ensure that all your links work, and your pictures load. Sending mass emails without double-checking the content is a mistake that I suggest you not make.

Track Your Data

Tracking your data is what will help you determine what you are doing right and wrong. Keep a close eye on how many email addresses were undeliverable, what time people opened you’re email, the overall open rate, and the click through rate. All of this data put together will help you determine when to send future emails, whether your CTA’s worked and so much more.

With most email marketing apps, data tracking will be provided to you in a report. Analyze this data and determine what changes, if any, need to be made in order for your business to continue to grow through the outreach of email marketing.


Still have questions regarding email marketing? No problem! Check out our digital marketing page or give us a call at 888 – 266 – 7153!


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