6 Spa Marketing Strategies for 2021

6 Spa Marketing Strategies

6 Spa Marketing Strategies for 2021

Spas are one of the trendiest businesses in today’s market and that’s because most people choose the spa when they need some relaxation! Previously salon services were dominantly seen as being for women, but now men have also become more interested and open to making a trip to the spa to freshen up. There are many different types of salons and spa businesses available in the market and if you are interested in opening or making your established spa stand out among others, then this article is just for you.

If you want to make your spa stand out from others in this competitive market, then you must consider a few things. You always want to focus on sales and customers, but do you know how to attract lots of customers to your spa? If you analyze the market properly and collect data and research, you will find many tips and tricks that will help you make your business successful!

How to Make Your Spa Business Successful

If you have a spa or you’re planning to open a new one, then you should consider following these points…

1. Create a lead generating website

Currently, most people prefer to use websites to find out details about a business. It saves them their valuable time and money. If the public is searching, they will search online. Once they find a website, they visit the site to identify whether the business looks authentic and to learn more about what they have to offer. Then, if they find a product or service they are interested in, they will more than likely place an order or appointment.

You need to create a website which accurately represents your business and is personable. Make sure you include team members, and tidbits about each, so a prospect can learn more about their new esthetician or massage therapist – that way when they visit the first time, they feel they already know you as a friend. You also want your website to accurately represent your business. Double check to make sure you are entering your correct business name and address, so prospects and google can find you on the map. You can include before and after photos, describe your services (especially for those men that are new to spa treatments) and provide a way for your clients to book online.

2. Create competitive discounts and offers

This is another great tool to make your business successful. If you want to attract customers, then discounts and offers play an important role. Clients gravitate towards companies who offer deals like cash discounts or coupons because it helps them save a few extra dollars. Consider offers that give a free product for a purchased service – that way both your products and services are promoted.

Creating a loyalty or referral program is a great way to offer loyal and new clients special offers and discounts. Who doesn’t love a good deal when they see one? It’s important to keep up on these deals every month or so, so the clients and potential clients have new deals to look forward to.

3. Create a relaxing and attractive environment

Interior and exterior design and decorations are quite important at a spa. For example, if you’re in a shopping center, can new clients find you easily? Is it well lit? Your spa needs to be decorated based on how you want your clients to feel while they receive the services you have to offer. If someone is coming to your spa or salon, they are looking for a calming, relaxing and clean environment. If you don’t have one already, consider purchasing a white noise machine that will guarantee a sense of relaxation in your spa. These can all be portrayed through the design and flow of your spa. If you provide your client with an excellent environment for relaxation and rejuvenation during their spa services, the more likely they will become a repeat client.

4. Use effective advertisements

Proper online and offline advertisement is very important. The goal is to spread awareness of your spa business among your target customers in your target location. If potential clients do not know about your spa business, then how will they know to visit your spa?

Online and offline advertising helps the public become aware of your business. The more people that become aware of your spa, the more clients you can potentially book. You can use tactics like an online PPC campaign, SEO, and social media marketing to engage more and more people. You can utilize online campaigns to offer your discounts/specials to new or returning clients.

5. Customer Service

This is another great tool to help your business become more successful. When a customer calls or asks a question, your main goal should be to satisfy their request, in the friendliest manner. The more you positively help potential customers, the more customers will be satisfied and will visit your spa in the future. Proper customer care attracts more customers and clients will always prefer a spa business where they get the best quality service.

Happier customers give the best reviews. Follow up with your customers to ask for a review of your business, either after their visit or before they have checked out. Remind them about any loyalty or referral program you may have, as well. But not all feedback will be positive, so be sure to follow up with any poor reviews, offering a way to fix the issue or acknowledge how you have corrected the issue for in the future.

6. Offer Competitive Pricing

If you charge a high rate for your spa services, your competitors will provide a reasonable service charge to draw in customers that could potentially be yours. Before creating a rate chart, it’s essential to survey your competitor’s price rate and services they provide. You must keep your rate competitive and not overpriced or potential clients will choose other, less expensive spas or salons.


You must focus on many aspects of your spa and what your clients are going to get from your salon or spa – identify and provide benefits to your customers. The more benefit you can provide, the more likely you are to have a steady increase of new, returning, and referred clients calling and visiting your website to book your services. Advertise your business online and offline with the help of social media. Whether you are a new business owner or want to expand your spa business, take the initiative or expand existing efforts on even just one of the points above as you enter this new year.

If you have a question or want to learn more about how we can help your business, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Blue Atlas. We are always happy to help!

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