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“Get closer than ever to your customers.
So close, in fact, that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.”

-Steve Jobs

About Our Online Reputation Management

Blue Atlas helps manage your online presence and manage your online reputation!

Get Listed Everywhere!

Get Listed Everywhere!

We create and populate online local listings in over 60+ locations across the web.

Display Promotions Across The Web

Display Promotions Across The Web

Once we round up all of your online listings, we help you push out promotional messages across your listings!

Get Found Across All Devices

Get Found Across All Devices

Our online reputation management technology allows us to push your local listings out to all types of devices, especially mobile devices!

Fixing Incorrect Info

Fixing Incorrect Info

Typically over 65% of online listings are incorrect. We capture them, correct them, and utilize them to drive more traffic.

Review Management

Review Management

We monitor the reviews from customers (and people just not being nice) across all of your profiles. We gather the reviews and send them to you for review and response!

Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and Analytics

We gather and report on your profiles on a consistent basis so you know how well your online efforts are working.

Online Reputation Management
You want people to find your physical location, but they will look online for it! Blue Atlas helps secure, correct, and populate local listings across the web, so prospects can find your location! We also monitor reviews and feedback to ensure a positive online reputation!

Our Management Team

At Blue Atlas, our team works together like a finely tuned watch, each piece working in concert with the next to provide timely results.

  • Nate Stockard
    Nate Stockard

    Nate helps orchestrate the monitoring efforts and delivery of technology.

  • Lauren Stockard
    Lauren Stockard

    Lauren coordinates updates and promotions for each client while overseeing reports.

  • Alana Wells
    Alana Wells

    Alana manages the implementation of technology and integration of online profiles.

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