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Google is discontinuing their Universal Analytics product starting July 1, 2023 – Install GA4 Analytics SOON!

The standard Google Analytics product that we have all used for years will stop processing new data next year.

You will still be able to access your data, but nothing new will be added. Read more on

Why is Google Stopping Universal Analytics?

Google released Google Analytics 4 (G4) officially in 2019, although it has versions as early as 2017. The new version is supposed to be an improved version of Google Universal Analytics, and they are pushing everyone to migrate next year.

Why does this matter this year?

If you use Google Analytics for tracking, analytics, goals, etc., you probably compare data to previous weeks, months, and years.

Since no new data will be processed in Universal Analytics starting July 1st, 2023, you will have to compare data in two different products.

We are planning ahead and suggest installing G4 now, so you have 12 months of data for comparison.

Can I have both products for now?

YES! You can install both versions for now. You can continue to use Universal Analytics but let G4 record data for comparisons starting next year.

Install GA4 Analytics Now!

We are helping website owners get G4 installed now, so they have data come transition time. We are also installing Google Tag Manager, so it is easier for website owners to install other scripts and tracking products along with setting up conversions and useful goals.

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