Full-Service Digital Marketing for National Businesses

The best digital marketing strategy plan utilizes our 5-pronged approach to maximize your business presence and drive you more new leads. Our Full-Service National Strategy focuses on building a national search engine and social media presence that drives leads!

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What To Expect With This Program

Online Reputation Management

Your sales process may happen on the phone or in person, but prospects are looking at your online reviews and profiles. We manage your existing profiles, create and implement new channels, monitor and respond to reviews, and help you generate new ones from clients each month.

National Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Potential leads start researching the product or service they need before they submit a contact form or pick up the phone. We help get you to the top of search engines, so they are researching and contacting your business instead of your competitors.

Search Engine Advertising (PPC)

When prospects are searching for your products and services, we need to include search engines ads to ensure your business is in front of them at all parts of the sales cycle. We utilize an extensive PPC campaign to target additional keywords and quickly grow your search engine presence and inbound leads.

Marketing Coaching and Consulting

Blue Atlas has years of expertise in focusing on the right activities with the right approach. As your marketing partner, we provide coaching and consulting on your full marketing strategy including conference and in-person marketing, offline advertising campaigns, and branding strategies that extend beyond your digital program.

CRM and Sales Process Coordination

Marketing should create leads for your sales team and deliver it in a way that easy for your sales team to succeed. We integrate your digital marketing activities with your sales team's CRM and sales processes to streamline creating leads all the way through closing the business.

Organic Social Media Posting

Social media channels are great ways to create brand awareness and maintain relationships with your customers and prospects. We keep your organic social media presence active and consistent, so you don’t have to plan when you are going to share the next post!

Social Media Advertising

Organic social media helps with existing relationships, paid social media campaigns help find new prospects and create new relationships. We use advanced targeting, multi-part campaigns, and A/B testing to find the right demographics and audience in order to find new prospective customers for your business.

Content Creation

Your website needs new content for the search engines and to keep your online presence fresh. Resourceful content is the best way to update your website, create new resources for customers and prospects, and stay in front of past customers. We create resourceful articles each month to keep consistent content growing on your website.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still one of the highest converting marketing channels available, and you should take advantage of it to stay in front of past and existing customers along with new prospects. We send a monthly newsletter with your new content along with a promotion email to directly generate sales.

Complete Program Breakdown

Included Program Benefits

  • Manage and Maintain Over 30 Online Business Profiles
  • Manage Google My Business Listing with Weekly Profile Posts
  • Create 1-3 New Profiles Listings Each Month
  • Review Generation Outreach and Moderation (Increase 4 & 5-Star Reviews)
  • Respond to All Reviews
  • Monthly Presence Reporting and Results
  • Target Increased Search Engines Rankings – Top 5 Ranking
    (10 Keywords Targeted Each Month)
  • On-Page Optimization Adjustments For Better Visibility
  • Tiered Link Building (Over 250 Links Created Each Month)
  • Additional Links Through Social Channels and Guest-Posting
  • Monthly Rank Tracking Reporting – Over 100 Keywords Tracked
  • Initial Campaign Creation – Keyword, Target, and CPC Adjustments
  • On-Going Campaign Optimization
  • Opportunity Assessment and Recommendations
  • 3 Custom Landing Pages
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Daily / Weekly Monitoring, Adjustments, and Recommendations
  • Includes $1,275 Ad Budget
  • 4 Posts / Week to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin
  • Utilize Blog Content, Offers, and Custom Content In Posts
  • Response Moderation and Communication (With Your Assistance When Required)
  • Monthly Activity Report
  • Custom Landing Page Creation For Offer / Lead Generation
  • 3-Part Campaign Creation and Implementation
  • Weekly Adjustment and Optimization
  • Monthly Results and Conversion Reporting
  • Includes Advertising Budget ($575 / month)
  • 2 750-Word Articles/Blogs Created Each Month
  • Upload Articles to Your Website
  • Link to Main Services/Offerings Pages
  • Monthly Newsletter (up to 2,000 contacts and email software included)
    • Include New Article/Blog
    • Include Monthly Offer
  • Additional Monthly Promotionals Email
  • Moderate Bounces, Unsubscribes, and Responses
  • Monthly Email Marketing Results Report

Comprehensive Pricing

Our services are priced in a comprehensive format while also itemizing the costs for each focus area. We include all the costs for:

  • Our services and time
  • Ad campaigns and costs
  • Software and subscriptions
  • Website Hosting and Maintenance

Ultimately, we take care of the marketing so you can take care of your business. We keep you as involved as you want and ensure you understand what we do and the results of those services. We are your marketing partner that delivers results!

Complete Marketing Program

starting at
$ 4,975 Per Month
  • Online Reputation Management
  • National SEO
  • Search Engine Advertising (PPC)
  • Organic Social Media Posting
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Content Creation
  • Email Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this all I need for digital marketing ?

You can always add more services, expand ad campaigns, and do other tactics. However, this program implements a well-rounded digital strategy and covers the main marketing avenues, so you get new customers.

Does this include ad budgets ?

Yes! We are including a search engine advertising and social media advertising in this program, so we can use advanced targeting to find new business. We have included ad budgets of $1,850, paid directly to the search engines and social media channels.

Does this include stock photos and any media needed ?

Yes, we include stock photos for articles and organic social media posting. It is always best to use media of your business, products, staff, etc. but there is always a need for more media too.

Is Mailchimp or something like that included ?

We include the Mailchimp email software account and email template designs for up to 2,000 contacts. If you have more contacts, we can expand the Mailchimp account with a small extra fee.

How long of a contract must I sign ?

We ask for a 6-month agreement, so we have enough time to get campaigns implemented, make adjustments, and drive you new business. A lot of time and effort goes into getting your campaign rolling, and we want to ensure we have the most efficient and effective strategies in place.

What kind of support is included ?

We have a dedicated project manager that is your main point of contact. We strive to always be available to our clients, so you always have someone you can reach. You also have a strategy manager and digital marketing manager on your team providing support for any questions you may have!

We roll out integrated online campaigns that drive results without breaking the bank! If you want to utilize the web to drive business and create new leads, Blue Atlas Marketing can get you there!

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