Have you asked any of these questions?

  • How will social media will help my business?
  • What is social media marketing?
  • Is there anything special to social media marketing for businesses?
  • Do I need a Twitter, Facebook, Flikr (Insert All Social Sites Here) account?
  • How do I measure my success in social media?

Blue Atlas helps you determine the RIGHT answer to those questions for YOUR business, not just what sounds good from some "social media guru." We have social media clients all across Houston, and in a variety of industries. We understand that it takes a different approach for an industrial parts company than it does for a day spa. Sometimes Facebook isn't the right solution, and sometimes blogging will build over 50% of your business if done right. We help you decipher the sometimes complex world of social media and focus on profit-generating social media activities that will grow your business!

How Does Blue Atlas Help You With Social Media Marketing For Your Business?

Social Media Training

The key to a successful social media campaign is understanding how to build relationships and get started with the right tools! Blue Atlas provides an extensive training and strategy creation that puts your social media marketing on the path to Get You There!

Social Media Management

Blue Atlas delivers daily management of your social media like internal staff! We build connections and  a consistent brand online, so that you can concentrate on capitalizing on those relationships!

Social Media Setup

For the company that just needs custom-styled pages and tools setup, Blue Atlas has the solution to Get You There! We prepare your accounts with consistent branding and setup tools to increase productivity. Once setup, you are ready for social media interaction!