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About Our Online Advertising Services

Blue Atlas understands how to maximize your ad budget to achieve the best results. We minimize waste and capitalize on opportunities to put you in front of your exact target!

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Exact Target

Exact Target

Online advertising channels gives us the ability to target your exact target and put you in front of the right prospect.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEO can take some time, and you can never dictate the landing page. With search engine marketing (SEM) or advertising, we can target the exact keywords and drive the visitor directly to the perfect landing page.

Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising

No matter what industry, people use social media. We help you get in front of the right prospect with the right social channel.

Optimized Campaigns

Optimized Campaigns

Blue Atlas improves your campaign setup and focus to minimize waste, improve delivery, and increase your leads online!

Specific Landing Pages

Specific Landing Pages

Our marketing specialists deploy highly-converting landing pages meant to create lands from your paid traffic. We pay for traffic, so we need it to convert to a lead as much as possible.

Complex Analytics

Complex Analytics

We utilize custom dashboards and complex analytics systems to track what is happening with your campaign. We know what is working and where, so we can drive even more leads from your paid traffic.

Our Services

Blue Atlas is a complete web marketing firm specializing in the delivery of integrated solutions that focuses on user-friendly design and lead conversions centered around your business goals.

Our experience also includes driving business, converting leads, and ultimately growing businesses. We are more than design and development; we are a true web marketing firm that excels in combining the technical aspects with business-driving goals!

Web Development

Blue Atlas specializes in custom web design in the Greater Houston area and beyond that pleases the eye while achieving your marketing goals. Big or small, we can deliver a solution for your web site needs.


We help you rank higher in the search engines, show up faster on maps, and ultimately be one of the first to get in front of prospects when they are searching.

Online Reputation Management

Customers, media, and a variety of other entities will talk about your business, look for you on maps, and seek out more information. We help you manage it across the entire web

PPC & Social Media Advertising

Our team utilizes advertising and promotional vehicles like Facebook Ads and Google Adwords to drive targeted traffic to your website.

Mobile App Development

Getting your brand into your customers' hands is key to repeat business. A mobile app with online ordering, push notifications and loyalty programs increases your revenue and brings your customers back to your business.

Hosting, Backup and Monitoring

Blue Atlas has developed an all-encompassing support service for website hosting and monitoring that keeps your website up and running at all times!

Search Engine and Social Media Advertising

Reaching the exact target with the perfect message is only possible with online marketing through search engine and social media advertising. Online medias allow us to get in front of the right people and drive leads! You need leads and Blue Atlas Gets You There!

Our Prices

Online advertising channels allow us to deploy budgets of $500 to $50,000 (and even more).
The following prices are for setup options, but we also maintain advertising campaigns beyond setup.

  • Search Engine Setup

  • Starting at
  • $ 675
    • 1 Campaign / Adgroup Setup
    • 1 Custom Landing Page
    • 10 Keywords
    • Weekly Monitoring and Adjustments
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  • Social Media Setup

  • Starting at
  • $ 675
    • 1 Campaign / Adset Setup
    • 1 Custom Landing and Thank You Page Setup
    • 4 Totals Ads
    • Remarketing Planning and Setup
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