Can You Be Found Online? (100% Free Scan Tool)

When potential customers are looking for you online, can you be found? Is the info correct?

Use our free Business Listing Scan Tool to see how your business looks online!

  • Help prospects find you better on maps
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See how your business looks online!

78% of local-mobile searches result in offline purchases. Are you online?

The Problem is having a local digital presence means being everywhere!
63% of customers use at least 2 devices during shopping search.

73% of Consumers Lose Trust

in a local business when they find incorrect information about that business online according to Search Engine Watch.

2 out of 3 Business Listings are Wrong!

Incorrect listings or incomplete information online causes small businesses to lose potential customers at a cost of $10 billion per year.

197% More Likely to Trust a Business

when the listings are correct and contain hours, reviews, photos, ratings, and relevant information like menus or product lists.

See what customers see.



Utilize our free scan tool to see how your business is currently listed! Find errors and inconsistencies across the web!

If your business has errors in listings, people searching for your business may not find you and find your competitors.

Incorrect Listings cost you money and valuable business!

With optimized listings, your business information is always correct and you are found among the first businesses when new prospects are searching for your type of business!

How is your business listed?

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